The Hong Kong College of Psychiatrists Sponsorships Committee Sponsorship Scoring System

(Approved and endorsed at the 108th Council Meeting on 29 August 2011 )

Logistics of receiving and processing sponsorships for academic activities 

All sponsorships of academic activities for fellows should go through Sponsorships Committee’s vetting.  The committee would consider the suitability of accepting the sponsorships.  Academic meetings organized by the Hong Kong College of Psychiatrists would be accepted automatically. Those from the Royal College of Psychiatrists and other large scale international academic meetings such as APA, Pacific Rim College, WPA, CINP and ECNP would be accepted in general.  For other meetings, the sponsors should enclose programme rundowns for vetting. The committee would decide within one week, and the College would issue a newsletter to fellows accordingly. 

The sponsorships allocation and the related scoring scheme are not applicable to trips for business, which should be dealt with separately by the Council. Sponsorships are separated into 3 categories according to location:

Cat.1)  HK/Macau/Guangdong;

Cat.2)  Rest of China/Taiwan/SEA; and

Cat.3)  Rest of the world.  

The sponsorships are restricted to Fellows only, unless the academic events are specified for members or inceptors as well.  

Sponsorships give more weight to active participation, with a range from poster presentation, paper presentation to invited major / keynote speech speaker.  

Local academic meeting sponsorships would include registration fee only, unless otherwise specified by the Sponsorships Committee. 

Overseas academic meeting sponsorships would include expenses on registration fee, economy air tickets or equivalent travelling, accommodation and ground transport, unless otherwise specified by the Sponsorships Committee.  All reimbursements are subject to actual expenditure. Each sponsorship would be specified with a maximum amount of expenditure. 

The sponsors will be charged to compensate for the administrative cost of the College according to location category; i.e. Cat. 1: HKD300 each sponsorship, Cat. 2: HKD 700 each sponsorship, and Cat. 3: HKD 1000 each sponsorship. The money will go to the general account of the College. 

The surplus money of sponsorships will go to the account for academic activities or future sponsorships, which is separate from the general account of the College.  

The Sponsorships Committee would keep an updated sponsorships record according to the three location categories.

Scoring System

Scoring scheme for selecting applicants to receive sponsorship according to 3 different location categories* (w.e.f. 2011)


1. Never been sponsored in past 36 months 40
  Never been sponsored in past 24 months 30
  Never been sponsored in past 12 months 20
  Been sponsored in past 12 months, or pending sponsored in another event. 0
2. Contribution to College  
  Office-bearers 15
  Chairman of Subcommittee / Council Member 10
  Subcommittee Member of the College 5
3. Poster presentation 10
  Paper presentation 20
  Invited major / keynote speech speaker (Subject to Sponsorship Committee’s endorsement) 30**
4. Specification by sponsor (on Subspecialty only) 10***

1. Only fellows can receive sponsorships through this scheme unless the academic activities are considered suitable to members or inceptors.

2.  The score concerning Contribution to College is not additive.

3. In case of tie, the Sponsorships Committee will draw lots in presence of the involved applicants; they may choose to withdraw or be absent from drawing lots.

4. The Sponsorships Committee may require any successful candidate to submit a full written report on the sponsored function upon return.

5. If a successful candidate decides to withdraw from the function after granted the sponsorship, he or she will be considered as having been sponsored on attending the function in the score calculation of future application for College sponsorships. 

6. The Sponsorships Committee reserves the right to accord points on this item in relation to the scale and complexity of the presentation.

7. If there are any criteria stipulated by the sponsor, it should be restricted to the subspecialty or field of knowledge. The stipulation aims at choosing the candidate likely to benefit most from the function regarding its specific theme and focus. The restrictive criteria held by the sponsor should not deviate from the principle of delinking direct interest conferment from the sponsor to the recipient.   

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